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My dream since my first triathlon has been to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman in Kona. However, I also want to have a successful family life and career. For a long time I thought those things were mutually exclusive and it would be impossible to pursue a Kona Qualification without sacrificing family and career because I’m by no means a gifted athlete. However, I don’t think that is true anymore…

This blog is about my commitment to be more than mediocre and an average triathlete’s lifelong  journey to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman while simultaneously improving family life and career success.  

I have been inspired by people like Mark Sisson, Ben Greenfield, Tawnee Prazak, and Joe De Sena to pursue an epic life and not settle for average. I’m going to delve into the world of health, nutrition, endurance training, relationships, and personal productivity so I can live my best life personally, professionally, and athletically.

I don’t believe that qualifying for Kona requires 20+ hours a week of training and sacrificing family and career if I work to optimize every lifestyle parameter to achieve maximum health and performance.

A little more about the different aspects of my life:


Beach at Sunset

My wife and I have been married for 8 years and we have two Yorkshire terriers that we spoil (I love those dogs!). We recently moved to sunny San Diego, CA and live in the South Park area. Everyday I’m humbled by my wife’s competence. She is ambitious and has a very successful career. She is quick-witted and has the keenest style/design sense of anyone I have ever met. She enjoys doing workout classes (it shows!), hiking, and leisurely bike rides but mostly thinks I’m crazy for pursuing endurance sports. Basically she is out of my league so I’m thankful everyday that she is my wife!


LinkedIn PhotoI graduated from the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!) with a double major in Accounting and Finance (Its true…I’m a nerd). After college I got my CPA and worked at a Big 4 public accounting firm in external audit for two years until the hours and the travel finally burned me out. For the last 8+ years I have been attempting to climb the ladder in corporate America in various corporate accounting and finance roles for large retail
companies. During that time I also got my part-time MBA from the University of Minnesota. I very much have a desk job.

Endurance Sports Background:

I grew up around the sport of triathlon in a small town in northern Minnesota. My dad was a race director of a small local race and we were always the family known for biking everywhere. I played football and hockey growing up but traded hockey for swimming in high school. I competed in a handful of triathlons as an age-grouper each year throughout college. I am a one time Ironman finisher (2005 Coeur’d Alene Ironman in a time of 12:09:06). I was a slightly above average triathlete at my peak but far from spectacular. After I got married and started my career after college, I took an extended hiatus from racing and training. During the three-year period that I was working full-time and going to school part-time for my MBA, I was pretty sedentary (desk job, class, sitting doing homework, etc.) so I lost a lot of my fitness. When I completed my MBA and started running again I suffered a hamstring/sciatic nerve injury and it took me about a year to recover (I blame all that sitting!). So basically I have a long way to go before I can even think about being competitive for a Kona slot.

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