Getting Rid of “Stuff”

One of the driving forces of starting this blog is restoring focus to my life. I have been doing some self-reflection during my time off for the holidays and I realized that I have gotten so caught up in the rat race that I haven’t thought enough about what I really wanted to accomplish in my life. I got caught up in the chase of accumulating “stuff”. I wanted a nicer car, bigger house, a fashionable wardrobe, to go to the newest restaurants, etc. It wasn’t until recently that I finally slowed down to ask myself “To what end?”

“Stuff” in my mind isn’t just material possessions but all the things that take up your time and energy that aren’t  helping you achieve your goals. Despite how much I like racing, I was also spending a ton of my free time following Gopher Sports, reading the Wall Street Journal, reading three different men’s magazines, watching TV shows my wife wasn’t interested in, organizing and then re-organizing our storage areas/closets/cabinets, etc. All of which, although interesting and enjoyable, weren’t helping me with the three things that I really wanted to excel at (i.e., family, career, and endurance sports). Now that I think about it, I almost feel silly for thinking I couldn’t find enough time to properly train when I was actually just getting distracted by irrelevant time-filling activities.

The first order of business in my pursuit of a Tri balanced life is to purge all my “stuff”. I’m going to get rid of all the things that aren’t directly related to my goals. I’m going to go through our attic, garage, and closets to rid myself of all the excess that I don’t need. An added bonus is that it makes me feel good to donate things and hopefully I can make a few extra bucks from selling things on Craigslist and eBay. I’m also cancelling my magazine and newspapers subscriptions and anything else that is generally distracting from goals. Personally, I find this type of activity re-energizing. A de-cluttered house equals a de-cluttered mind which is exactly where I need to be starting from.

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