San Diego’s Newest Residents!

The reason the blog posts have been lacking as of late is because we moved to San Diego! The last three months have been an emotional whirlwind of saying good-bye to our family and friends and the place we’ve lived the last 14 years. It was hard to leave Minneapolis but it is exciting to have a fresh start in a new city. Change is good.

As a result, my training and overall wellness plan has fallen by the wayside the last three months. Before leaving Minneapolis, my wife and I hit up our favorite restaurants and hung out with our friends and family as much as possible. That, combined with trying to wrap things up at work, packing, selling our house and planning a move across the country made our final weeks in Minneapolis fly by faster than we would have liked.

Upon landing in San Diego on July 1st, it has been hard to establish a normal routine. We are planning to temporarily live in a downtown apartment until we figure out where we want to buy a house. We arrived about a week and half before our stuff so all we had during that time is what we could fit into three large suitcases and two carry-ons. The first few days were mainly spent shopping for some bare necessities, camping chairs, and a new TV.

My wife started work pretty quickly upon getting to San Diego and I had about two weeks before I started work. Our first week and a half was mostly spent getting our bearings (nearest grocery store, hardware store, etc.), buying and building furniture, getting California drivers licenses, registering our cars, establishing wi-fi etc. We still made sure to have some fun by checking out some restaurants and hanging out with friends that also recently moved from Minneapolis.

Once our stuff arrived, it basically was a full-time job for a week to unpack and organize. Even though I was unemployed, I’m not someone who can focus on extracurricular activities when my living space is in complete disarray (i.e., boxes stacked to the ceiling, needing to step over things to get from one room to the other, and not knowing where anything is). Our apartment is about half the size as our house in Minneapolis with significantly less storage space. As a result, we needed to get two storage units. Figuring out what we keep in the apartment, store, or donate took some time to figure out.

Despite all the moving chaos, I tried to stick to my core foundational principles as much as possible. I definitely had my fair share of cheat meals and cheat days (ok….a cheat week or two as well) but I took each day as a new opportunity to refocus. Since I was unemployed for three weeks, it was a luxury to sleep without an alarm clock and wake up naturally. I got plenty of low-level activity unpacking all day, walking to do errands and taking the dogs for a walk. One of the biggest initial challenges was trying to maintain a paleo/ancestral type diet in a new city when I didn’t know where to get good quality meat and things like Kerrygold butter, pasture eggs and full fat yogurt without needing to go to five different grocery stores on a regular basis. I’ve started to leverage Thrive Market for pantry staples. As it relates to meat, I still haven’t found anything like I had with my True Cost Farm meat CSA in Minneapolis. I’m probably going to start ordering from US Wellness Meats.

One thing that dawned on me is that I’m going to need figure out a pool and bike and run routes. Even though that is an exciting proposition, it makes the idea of doing either one a bit more daunting and harder to just go for a swim, bike, or run when I had a window of time and the motivation. I’m looking into joining the San Diego triathlon club and finding bike/run groups. Not only will that help me learn some good routes but it will also help me meet some like-minded people since we don’t really know many people in the area right now.

Once I started work….everything changed. I started in the midst of a really exciting project and was working non-stop 12-14 hours days right out of the gate. The mixture of stress and lack of sleep led to eating lots of junk food and drinking a LOT of coffee. Not only that, but I don’t have a standing desk yet so I spent all that time sitting. I was doing everything I could to get low-level activity (parking in the back of the parking lot, going to the furthest bathroom, etc.) but I don’t think I was getting more than 20 minutes of low-level activity each day and I wasn’t doing any mobility work. As a result, my body just felt wrecked. On a positive note though…I absolutely love my new job!

Work has finally calmed a bit and this weekend is the first one with any normalcy. Now I can start undoing all the damage from the last month. I need to get back to prioritizing sleep, eating a paleo/ancestral diet, integrating low-level activity into my day, establishing a mobility program and spending time with my wife.

After nearly two months in San Diego, we are finally starting to feel settled into our apartment and new jobs. I can’t wait to start taking advantage of the luxury of great weather all year round and exploring all that this city has to offer. This is going to be a great place to live, work, train and make the concept of a Tri Balance Life a reality!

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